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Welcome to the new homepage for the HOPE WELLNESS program at Hope College! To sign-up for the Wellness Programs and Platform, please click the yellow SIGN UP button in the top right corner and follow the instructions.  If you've already completed those first steps, log in to the right! 

We recommend that you bookmark this page for future reference as it will include valuable information and updates related to the HOPE WELLNESS program over the course of year.  In addition, you can use it for logging into Hope College's new online wellness platform after you sign up for your individual account.

Hope College continues to strive to promote a dynamic work environment and culture that is energetic, innovative, engaging, and one that also fosters health & wellness.  The new and improved HOPE WELLNESS program supports this culture by promoting motivation toward healthy lifestyles for the well-being of our team members and their families. By engaging in the program and taking advantage of the features of the new online platform, we hope you will be empowered to live a healthier lifestyle that rewards you for the focus on your overall well-being.  


                                                                        Try For Five Wellness Challenge! 

                Click here for full details and info on how to sign up  

                                        Challenge Runs from 07/17/2017 to 08/28/2017

                   Earn Wellness Points by Logging Fruit & Veggie Servings Plus Water!

                   Stay on Track by Logging Your Points in Online Platform Challenge 

                   Have the chance to be entered in a prize drawing based your engagement






Easily set and track fitness goals using a variety of ways

Quickly track your intake with pre-loaded nutritional information and get interactive health guidance

Update and show off your fitness and nutritional status wherever you are

Participate with your colleagues in fitness challenges to help keep you motivated and accountable

Stay engaged with your friends and colleagues with interactive messaging, blogs, and resources designed to keep you connected.

Automatically earn rewards by participating in fitness challenges or simply tracking your workout and nutritional routines